Andie L. – Sew Pretty in Pink

Andie L. – Sew Pretty in Pink

My mom was the sewist in the family and had an old husqvarna where she sewed dresses and quilts and put two needles through her thumb on separate occasions. Hence, I was terrified of sewing machines most of my life. I hand sewed and crafted, though, from a very young age and sketched out clothing designs. In 2008, I finally conquered that fear and bought my first sewing machine: a tiny pink Kenmore machine without a zipper foot. It was a tiny pink beast with a tension problem. I started sewing costumes for myself and then branched off to other garments. It’s only been in the past two years since my mom bought me my Brother sewing machine and I got a Janome serger that I’ve really become obsessed with sewing. It helped that I became involved in a community, like the Monthly Stitch, that encourages and feeds my obsession. I’m glad I’m not afraid of sewing machines anymore!

Check out all of Andie L’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: Sew Pretty in Pink

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