Danielle – Leave No Stone Unglued

Danielle – Leave No Stone

I learned to sew when I was a very small thing, not because sewing particularly overjoyed me, but because I wanted a new skating dress and my mom wouldn’t make it for me. Of course it was horrid and I never actually wore it outside the bathroom; but here I am, more years later than I care to mention, and I now design and sew elite level skatewear and dancewear for a living. I own my own retail performance fabric, stone and trim business in California, “Firefly Fabrics,” and chronicle this weird little world on my “Leave No Stone Unglued” blog. When not sewing or trying desperately to remove the glitter that somehow ends up everywhere in the house, I run a high adventure backpacking camp for girls, and I coach roller figure skating.

Check out all of Danielle’s posts on The Monthly Stitch, visit her blog: Leave No Stone Unglued and fabric store: Firefly Fabrics

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