Dixie O’Dare – Miss Dixie O’Dare

Dixie O’Dare – Miss Dixie O’Dare

I’m just your average 25 year old, newly married, sewing obsessed, travel agent, wannabe 1950’s aficionado. I hope to eventually have an entirely home sewn wardrobe. I love the 1950’s and mostly dress and sew those styles, but I also like dressing up and being silly with my friends, so it’s not always 50’s style dresses, I promise!
I started dressing in 1950’s style clothes way back in 2011, when I competed in the 2011/12 season of Miss Pinup Australia, and haven’t looked back since. I have been sewing since I was 7, and got my first sewing machine for my 12th birthday. Naturally those 2 interests combined to make what you see here.

Check out all of Dixie’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: Miss Dixie O’Dare

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