Knit Sews&Tea

Knit Sews & Tea

I’ve been making clothes from the moment I could handle a scissors. I draped the fabric around my bear and pinned it on his body. Later I saw this was the way Madeleine Vionnet created clothes. As soon I was able to stitch with a needle dressmaking became my skill. After a while I was sitting behind my mothers sewing machine making clothes for my mother, father, sister, friends, dolls and myself. Many years later I made my wedding dress on this sewing machine. Soon after my wedding I bought my first sewing machine and when our two daughters where born I also began making their clothes. Recently I bought a new sewing machine. Sewing is not a competition for me: I’m a slow sewer with an eye for details and who tries to design her own patterns. I try not to buy clothes any more and instead go fabric shopping with a soft spot for coupons.

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