LauraJane – A Dress Of My Own

LauraJane – A Dress Of My Own

I’ve been sewing since I was about six years old. My sister and I hand stitched little beanbags out of scraps left over from the adorable dresses my mom made us. We would play catch (OK, try to hit each other in the head) with them, feeling pretty special in our one of a kind ensembles. When she let me get on the Singer – at about seven I think – she started teaching me a skill that still makes me happy, half a century later! Yay for moms! I lost her two years ago, miss her terribly, and still feel the connection when I sew. Of course I feel her with me when I go shopping too! Life and work (I’m a business writer) had gotten in the way for a couple of decades but I’ve started sewing again over the last few months and I think I’ve broken my shopping addiction. Well, let me rephrase — I have exchanged clothes shopping for fabric shopping!

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