Naomi – Bon Courage!

Naomi – Bon Courage!

I live in Auckland, New Zealand with my boyfriend, Kelvin, and our son, Harry. I used to work as a graphic designer but left my job to have my little man and finish off my business degree. I have been sewing for years but never really learnt any of the fancy techniques (fitting/drafting/even buttonholes!) or paid much attention to detail… but I would like to change that!

I have a very basic machine, an overlocker and a dressmakers dummy (which is more of a clotheshorse than a useful tool right now) and I currently squeeze in sewing while Harry is asleep. If I have any spare time, you will find me in my veggie garden. I have dreams of living a River-Cottage-like existence – growing the veggies, baking the bread, sewing the clothes… I was totally born in the wrong decade!
I have only just started a blog to document my sewing projects.
Check out all of Naomi’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: Bon Courage!

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