Nikki – Nikki’s Stitches

Nikki – Nikki’s Stitches

I learned to sew when I was little, it was something Mum and my nan’s were always doing, so Mum taught me, before I started doing “needlework” at school. (Wonder if that’s why I have lots of bad habits?) I didn’t sew much in my teens or early twenties, preferring to do cross stitch, but started sewing again once I started renting my own place so I could make decent curtains and soft furnishings. It wasn’t long before I was making my own clothes again. Having discovered the world of sewing blogs about four years ago I’ve started sewing a lot more and love it. I blog mainly about my sewing, but there are the odd knitting projects plus photos of meet-ups with the amazing group of sewers I’ve met in Wellington, NZ, since moving here from the UK two years ago.
Check out all of Nikki’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: Nikki’s Stitches

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