ElaineOC – What Diana Did Next

ElaineOC – What Diana Did Next

I’m a journalist working in Glasgow, and I love making clothes in my spare time. These two things came together a few years ago in blog about making my wedding dress; after it was done I thought I’d keep going! My mum taught me to sew; my gran made me a lot of pretty dresses when I was a child and my great-gran was a seamstress – so I guess it’s in the blood.
I’m particularly attracted by shiny things (glitter, sequins, studs, you name it…) and fancy dresses, so these often crop up in my sewing; I’m far less likely to be found stitching up a basic. The online sewing community is a fabulous thing, and this is another way to be part of it – bring on the challenges.
Check out all of Elaine’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: What Diana Did Next

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