Sandra – FlossieFT

Sandra – FlossieFT

The first thing I remember sewing was an apron with my friend at about age 9. My mother showed us how one afternoon to keep us entertained. I progressed to the Home Economics pillow case in Form 1 (11 years old) and was mostly taught by my Mum on and off as a teen as the mood took me. In my early 20s I taught myself more using instructions from sewing patterns and winging it. When I hit my 30s I learnt more from the internet/blogs and got back into sewing more and more. Now sewing is my favourite past time, mostly for myself but occasionally for my boys and friends.
I still make things up as I go along but I am getting better at following instructions. I have a ridiculous pattern and fabric stash and I am not ashamed of it. I love using old patterns and fabric from second hand shops and finding bargains from remnants tables.
I try to do the Monthly Stitch challenges by finding a way to make them fit my current sewing queue, it also helps that I usually have several projects on the go.
Check out all of Sandra’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: FlossieFT

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