Sharyn – Just So…

Sharyn – Just So…

Like a lot of contributors here I learned to sew in my teens. But over time my sewing dwindled to nothing. I didn’t sew anything for over 15 years. Nothing. Nada. About 3-4 years ago I decided that I would like to start sewing again. I attended a pattern cutting course and dusted off my machine (and then bought a new one when it could not be fixed). My first make was my wedding dress (I like a challenge). I’m rediscovering the joy of sewing but also learning a lot along the way. I’m really looking forward to continuing to improve my sewing ability over time. After many years living overseas (Oz and UK) I have recently returned to live in rural NZ with my Portuguese husband. Check out all of Sharyn’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: Just So…

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