Siobhan – Just Keep Sewing

Siobhan – Just Keep Sewing

I am a lucky duck who grew up with a mostly handmade wardrobe, all sewed by my gifted Granny. As such, certain aspects of dressmaking feel very familiar – raiding the bargain bin at Liberty, inspecting a RTW item to see how the neckline is bound, causing havoc at airport security with errant pins buried in hems etc. It wasn’t until fairly recently however that I resolved to find the time and patience to practice sewing things myself. I’ve got a long way to go to catch up with Granny but I am loving the journey so far.

Living abroad (Geneva, Switzerland) I am HUGELY grateful for today’s online sewing community. Without all the indie patterns, sewalongs, blogs, forums, tutorials etc, I’d probably have given up yonks ago, or at least would be having far less fun. When not sewing (or working) I can usually be found eating gelato/watermelon slices by the lake, or leaving a trail of half-drunk cups of tea around the flat.

Check out all of Siobhan’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: Just Keep Sewing

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