Wendy – Coser Cosas

Wendy – Coser Cosas

Unlike most people here, I never learned to sew when I was a kid. The first time I ever saw a machine up close was when I took an evening class with a friend when I was 21. I stayed in that class 1.5 years and learned a lot and loved sewing, but then life got in the way; I graduated (I have a Bachelor Degree in Tourism), me and my (then) boyfriend (now husband) started living together, I started working in a job that I hated, then we bought our house and did a pretty big renovation, then we got married and finally, 2 years ago we decided to move from Belgium to Spain for my husband’s work, leaving me unemployed but happier than ever in one of the prettiest regions of Spain.
About 3 years ago, I reconnected with my machine (it was actually already passed on to my mother-in-law but I reclaimed it) and never looked back. I would like to say that my other hobby is crochet, but I have been working on a granny square throw-rug for over a year now and still haven’t finished…
I have been following/stalking other blogs for the past 2 years or something and started my own blog a few months ago. When I read about TMS I was sold immediately, I love a bit of a challenge and I definitely need a deadline because I get distracted very easily. Check out all of Wendy’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: Coser Cosas

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