Indie Pattern Month 2014

Indie Pattern Month 2014

Below you will find links to all the posts regarding Indie Pattern Month 2014, an easy way for you to keep up (or catch up) with what is happening.


First time here?

Have a read of these two posts to find out all about Indie Pattern Month and the sewing contests that are happening as part of it:




1-7 June – the Dresses sewing contest




8-14 June – the New-To-Me sewing contest




15-21 June – The Franken-Indie sewing contest




22-28 June – The Indie Fan Girl, Level: Ultimate sewing contest



As more information is released we will update this page including links to all the competition entries and the voting pages.


Project Indie

Project Indie is a contest to launch a new indie label. (Maybe it could be yours??)



Thank you to all our amazing sponsors!




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