You Picked…Simplicity 8175!

At the end of March, as part of The Monthly Stitch’s Miss Bossy theme for April, I asked the readers of my blog to vote on which skirt pattern I should make with the stretch cotton sateen I had on hand. The fabric was originally intended to be cigarette pants for my SWAP capsule, but the […]

Stick Your Neck Out – with a few collars

  Last September’s challenge was “Stick Your Neck Out”. Make something with an appealing collar design, whatever you like — but of course I took this quite literally, and made a few detachable collars! I’ve had them finished for ages but haven’t had the chance to take photos, as I don’t have a top with […]

Polka dot day dress

I bought 2m of this linen cotton blend at Lincraft during a recent 50% off sale.  Too easy to fall off the non-stashing wagon when there is a bargain to be had.   I love how vibrant the colours are.   I had a few patterns in mind but decided on the polka dot day dress from […]

Agnes wishes you a very happy birthday!

Happy fourth birthday, the Monthly Stitch! I know a couple of four year olds, and the fact that you’re not obsessed with Paw Patrol or Jake and the Pirates (that I’m aware of…) is a big mark in your favour. I hope that you’re enjoying your birthday month and that there will be many more […]

Introducing Erin from Seamstress Erin Designs

We’re getting near the end of Indie Pattern Month (we know it’s August now but it’s totally still going, we’ve got the last contest left to judge!) and we’ve got a couple of sponsors left to introduce you to. Mel caught up with Erin of Seamstress Erin Designs to learn more about her business and designs.   […]

True Named Love

I did not set out to write a love letter to Named Patterns, but we can’t help who we love. It is just so fun making their patterns, and even more fun wearing them. Though when I took these photos I was sweating all over. Let’s just say it was not a perfect day to […]

My IPM Blowout

There’s something about Indie Pattern Month that just gets the creative juices flowing. Is it the four versatile challenges set by our fabulous hosts? Is it the constant stream of incredible makes from the other participants popping up in my inbox? Or is it the chance to win some awesome prizes (my barely repressed competitive […]

Opal Ogden Camillia

I’m not sure what to call this combined outfit, so hence the strange title! This is the Opal Cardigan from Paprika Patterns, True Bias Ogden cami and Magdalena Langa Camellia skirt. Opal Cardigan This has been on my wishlist for a while. I decided on view B but with a round neck. This view is thigh length […]

4 Piece Ensemble: Marc, Curry, BlueSuede, Inari

Hi Monthly Stitchers! My July was really full, so I wasn’t able to submit anything for the first three challenges, but I had 5 free days at the end of the month and pulled together this outfit for the Indie Royalty challenge. My outfit has 4 parts (these links go to my blog, where there […]

I managed it

I love the monthly stitch and particularly Indie pattern month but I didn’t think I was going to get a chance to participate this year as life has been crazy the last couple of months.  However, by the skin of my teeth, I am squeezing in an entry for Indie Royalty, which feels like an […]

Ms. Autumn Lady Walking Down Street With Cup of Coffee

I cannot believe I managed to complete this challenge before the deadline. My family is moving in TWO days. The box for my sewing machine was waiting to be packed as I finished my last hem. The entire house is a maelstrom of half-empty cabinets, upside down furniture, & stacks of boxes, & I’m like, […]

The Lindeta Floral Frock

This week’s Challenge gave me pause for thought. There were so many possibilities, what to choose? I looked through my fabric and pattern stashes for ideas, and settled on this combination: an Itch to Stitch Lindy Petal Skirt, with cut-on pockets added, based on the Sewaholic Cambie dress, and a Colette Moneta bodice. I started with a pretty […]

Enter… the Kastulip

Having had so much success with the Kastrup blouse, I thought why not hack it and turn it into a dress, and so please may I introduce the Kastulip! This has the bodice of the How to do Fashion Kastrup blouse and the skirt of the Style Arc Tulip dress. As you tell, it took […]

Plantain bedressed

Good day friends! This post is brought to you by: the weather in NZ. It’s been a cold, dark time recently, with plenty of wind, and this here dress is the exact-and-perfect thing I’ve been wanting to wear. Every day, if possible. I spend a lot of time hacking patterns. Most of the time, my […]

A Simple Sleeve Hack

Hullo! I’m Piper, a scissors packin’, seamripper slingin’ mama of six, (four with fur and two without,) and erstwhile college instructor. I blog, very irregularly, at  Piper Feeds the Dogs . I was lucky enough to snag the Moneta kit from Colette featuring a dreamy dark floral knit. I think it was sold out within […]

Hack It! A Moss Tonic

Adventurous Me: Time for IPM17! Can’t wait! Lazy Me: Is there anything that I can make that just has two seams? Economical Me: Don’t you be buying anymore fabric now. You know it’s taking over the living room! Adventurous Me: I wonder what I can make? Which contests? I’d love to make something for all […]

Warm Pants

  With school holidays starting I was jump started into doing some sewing since youngest doesn’t seem to have enough trousers.  I had enough left of the fabric to do something for myself as well so chose the Portlander Pants by New Horizons.  I’ve not used any of their patterns before so it was a […]

Sunflower Gold Anza Dress

Usually I’d make something for my girls for dresses week, but neither of them are around at the moment, making fitting and photos a trifle tricky.  I could have chosen my good friend who has had me-mades in the past, but she really doesn’t like being photographed and I didn’t want to make her feel […]

Black & white and a tiny bit of red dress

Thank you so much to our lovely Monthly Stitch hosts and all of the indie pattern companies, who are offering so many amazing prizes this year. When the dresses challenge was announced, I knew what I was going to make right away. I actually had this dress in the back of my mind when the […]