Hey Monthly Sitchers 🙂 Whoop it’s IPM the time we all go crazy making awesome patterns, celebrating Indie design and feel super appreciative of our admins who make it all happen. My gorgeous sister Naomi and I do a lot of talking, scheming and ‘opinionating’ (it is totally a thing!) together coming up to IPM. […]

Fighting colour with more colour

Like most of you (or at least I gathered this from our short Facebook discussion), I struggled with a concept for the ‘bright’ accessories. I was first thinking of using a neutral for the dress, but didn’t really have anything suitable in my stash and also decided that the dress shouldn’t really take the backseat. […]

Child of the Seventies – Simplicity 5196

Call it serendipity, but I shortly after I launched the “Sewing The Seventies”, The Monthly Stitch announced that this month’s challenge is “Through the Decades”. I’m a child of the seventies, so my sewing plans and The Monthly Stitch are truly aligned this month! My pattern stash largely consists of seventies patterns re-homed from charity […]

My first bra – the Boylston

I recently went the to V&A’s exhibition Undressed: a brief history of underwear  which was amazing and so motivating. There was a great quote from some president of an underwear company in which he compared the engineering, time, skill and effort required to create a bra to that required to build a steel and concrete bridge. Having just […]

Three Annalexes

During Indie Pattern Month I sewed up this Annalex for the Pattern Hack challenge, which, I’m not gonna lie, I was really proud of. It is truly beautiful. And now it has two friends. Who are equally, if not more gorgeous. The first thing that happened was that a friend of mine saw it on […]

Pink stripes, shiny stripes

Hi there! I had the best time during IPM, and thought I’d stick around! 😉 I had already purchased this soft, stretchy knit to make my daughter a dress when I found out the July challenge would be about stripes, so yay! Stripes are pink and grey, and you can’t really see it in the […]

Introducing Michelle from Stylemaker Fabrics

To support our bonus bundle sales competition (voting coming soon!) we are welcoming a couple of extra sponsors. First up is Stylemaker Fabrics! We love to support small indie businesses as much as indie pattern designers and let’s be honest, indie patterns are wonderful but they ain’t much good without fabric to make them up in right?! […]

Sophie & Zeena

Of all the challenges in Indie Pattern Month, the Bundle Sale contest was the most difficult, for a range of reasons. Firstly, because it required the creation of an outfit from a limited range of options. Secondly, in the two bundles I bought I had 5 dress patterns, 2 trouser/jean patterns, a swimsuit, 2 ‘outerwear’ […]

9-to-5 basic bundle challenge

Before I dive in, allow me to warn you: this post is long. Maybe a contender for the longest Monthly Stitch post ever. It’s a thorough review of three different garments. Let’s get started! I purchased the basic “Nine to Five” pattern bundle, & made all three garments. I don’t work in an office. I’m […]

RTW Copycat: A Laurie t-shirt with extra bling

Since I’ve been sewing my own clothes,  I do miss interesting embellished t-shirts, so when I saw this Markus Lupfer t-shirt online, I knew straight away what to do for this challenge. It features origami birds in sequins and beads and at a whopping £397.83, it was never going to be a purchase! So here […]

Making the Madewell look

If you live in the US, you’re probably not going to be impressed by this, but I’m Australia, and the exchange rate and shipping costs do not favour me, so this outfit is inspired by Madewell. I browse the site all the time, but have only ever owned two tank tops I bought on a […]

RTW Leather and silk!

Hello everyone! Thank goodness for the extension to this challenge as I’ve just completed my RTW copycat. I must say that I’ve never tried copying an outfit before and I’ve had sooo much fun with this. I don’t really follow fashion at all so goodness knows what I was doing looking at Topshop’s website searching […]

European Style

I cannot believe June, and in particular Indie Pattern Month is almost over. My goal this year was to enter every contest. I challenged myself to enter as many as I could last year and managed three, so I’m really pleased that this is my fifth entry this year, meaning I’ve achieved my goal and […]

Introducing the Royals collection by Named Clothing

We’re super pleased to welcome Named Clothing back to Indie Pattern Month this year. Saara and Laura, the sisters behind Named, create a gorgeous range of patterns that they release in two seasonal collections each year. Kat caught up with them to find out more about their latest collection – Royals. Hi Laura and Saara, […]

Patti Smith on the cover of “Horses”

It took me a few days to hit upon inspiration for the RTW copycat challenge. I sew all of my own clothes—ALL of them. It’s been at least a year since I’ve been in a clothing store, & even longer since I purchased RTW. I generally draw inspiration from other sewing blogs rather than runway […]

Introducing Janet from Islander Sewing Systems

New to sponsoring Indie Pattern Month this year is Islander Sewing Systems. We were excited to discover Janet’s business offering indie patterns with all the extra support you need on her website and special “express” patterns for those days when you just want to smash out something fabulous  😉 Let’s find out more… Mel caught up […]

Distantly related to a Plantain

This post brings you an impromptu bonus pattern hack. I got carried away, there’s another one coming tomorrow too. Pattern hacks are my jam, y’all. The inspiration for this came from the various blogs I’ve been recently and the many MMM16 posts. I started thinking about my own wardrobe – which didn’t take long as […]

hack it: a knit shirtdress!

I instantly knew what I would hack for this challenge: I live in Kansas, & it gets HOT here–100+ degrees & crazy humidity for months on end. I love shirtdresses & have made half a dozen in various woven substrates, but I usually find myself reaching for jersey knits all summer long. So I wondered: […]

Named’s Inari in 2 ways

Hello! My name is Adeline and I blog at Today, I am going to share about my Named’s Inari in the Crop Tee version and the Tee Dress version. I have been quite conservative in using commercial and indie patterns and have preferred to draft my own for I was afraid of fitting issues. […]

New To Me: Essais et Erreurs

  This is my third time entering in Indie Pattern month, but only the first time I enter in ”New to me”. I’m not much of a spontanious pattern buyer, I want a new purchase to fill a hole in my wardrobe. Therefore I have usually used what I already had in stash. So this […]