Interview with…Sarah of Ohhh Lulu!

Ready to meet another of our New To Me sewing contests sponsors? We’d love to introduce you to Sarah from Ohhh Lulu! Sarah is one busy lady. As well as writing a popular blog she also sells gorgeous made-to-order lingerie, and lingerie making supplies including her own range of lingerie patterns. With Sarah’s sponsorship of the New […]

Scallop Cambie

Firstly. Sorry about the dodgy selfies this week, The weather is crap and my camera doesn’t want to co operate. This dress was originally planned for dresses week, but it just didn’t get there in the end. I’m so happy with how it turned out that I just wanted to share anyway. The dress is […]

Gothic blouse

I was very attracted to the Be My Goth patterns as they are quite different from the vast majority of patterns out there. I must confess that I would have loved to wear the Lucinda Shirt back in the 90s, a decade which I spent almost entirely dressed in black! So perhaps I’m re-living my […]

Stretch 3 ways

Once again I am posting late, and once again I had everything made in time, I just didn’t have the pictures to prove it! So, I’ve enjoyed working with knits in May, especially as the speed with which they go together means I’ve managed three makes in very limited sewing time. I started by making […]

Sew Stretchy: Grey Skating Lady

~Inspiration~ I’ve wanted to make a knit dress for ages. I’m really drawn to knits as the weather turns cooler here in the southern hemisphere. Most of my winter wardrobe is long sleeve knit tops. I’ve been eyeing off The Lady Skater dress for a long-time, especially after it exploded all over the sewing blogasphere when it […]

My Moneta

I was pretty excited when Colette released her new knit patterns and I took advantage of the release sale to nab me a Moneta! I’m a big fan of knit dresses, since you can just throw them on and be ready to go, and they’re super comfy to boot. I made this Moneta up in […]

Sew Stretchy-My Ikat Lady Skater

  This month’s challenge, Sew Stretchy, is perfect timing for me since I’m working on quite a few knit projects this month.  I just finished some swimsuits/rashguards for my 3yo daughter Ami, I’m working on some bras and underwear and I’m planning on making a swimsuit after that.  But first up is my first Lady Skater […]

Oh pants!

Pants shopping for me is pure torture. Here is an old post where I vent after one particularly distressing pants shopping expedition, if you are interested. In my filing cabinet I have a few pant/trouser patterns but I love a good bootleg/flared pant – I don’t care what the “fashion” people say, bootleg/flare is always […]

A Wiggle of Chocolate

Hi everyone! This is my first time contributing to The Monthly Stitch. It just so happened that this month I did use a new skill on a project and I wanted to share it with you all. As part of the 2014 RTW Fast I’m making my entire wardrobe this year. I have lost a […]

My Late Frocktober Frock…

…Hi All, a bit late to the party, but here I am. I obviously was not good at following the welcome email instructions and I must of deleted it or something and I wasn’t able to log in till now, thanks so much Melissa 🙂  That facebook page was a great idea too! Anyway I […]

Frocktober the 31st

So, depending on how strict we’re all going to be, this may be my last dress for Frocktober. I have a loverly Butterick 4757 in the pipeline, almost finished, but am not yet ready to truck on with it – at this stage it needs to more buttonholes (the top two are bound and I’m […]

That 70’s Dress

That 70’s Dress For my vintage look, I selected a pattern printed in 1970. It was the start of a new decade, and the start of  a young woman, me, in my sophomore year of high school. Even back then, I was making myself clothes. Mostly I made peasant blouses, empire waist blouses, and mini […]