Writing posts

We’ve put together a bunch of tutorials and tips to help you write great Monthly Stitch blog posts. You can find them all here.

Getting started

Joining as a contributor
Before you can write a blog post on The Monthly Stitch, you need to be signed up as a contributor. Never fear, this is super easy! Just head on over here, have a quick read, and fill out the simple form at the bottom of the page. We’ll be in touch soon after that with your login details so you can write posts on the Monthly Stitch blog.

What should I write about?
We love detail about your projects! We want to know all about them – what they look like, what inspired you, what pattern you used, etc. Have a read of this on how to write a great Monthly Stitch blog post – as well as having some more information on what goes on the blog vs. what goes on Facebook, there’s a good list of things to include in your blog post.

As a general rule of thumb, we want to see a minimum of three images and three paragraphs. If you want to include a link back to your own blog, that’s fine. Just please don’t be lazy – include some decent content here on The Monthly Stitch as well.

How to write a blog post
Have a look at our quick tutorial to get your started writing your first blog post on The Monthly Stitch.

If you would like us to check over your very first post (or any of posts that you write) before you publish to provide any feedback or help with images and links etc please feel free to click on the “Request Feedback” link under “Writing Helper”. Send your request to themonthlystitch[at]gmail[dot]com. Click on “Customise the message” to add any notes for us, then click Send Request. Save your post as a draft and wait for us to get back to you 🙂

Blog post template
To make things super easy so you don’t need to figure out what to write, we’ve put together a template blog post where you can just “fill in the blanks” for your project. In WordPress, click on “Copy a Post” under “Writing Helper” – search for “Template Post” and then click on “copy” – you can use as little or as much of this template post as you like. Don’t forget to change the post title and click on the right category before you publish. (Tip: Copying a post overwrites anything you’ve previously written so do this first, then write the rest of your post, set your feature image, and insert your pictures.)

Adding a feature image
Setting up the the feature image on your blog post is really important, that’s the image that displays in the tiles on the blog home page and gets people interested in looking at your post about your finished creation.

Adding, resizing, editing photos
The Monthly Stitch blog has a limited amount of free server space so we ask that you only upload one image for you post as the feature image and all other images in your post should be inserted using the image URL code from a photo sharing site such as Photobucket, Pinterest, Flickr, Picasa, etc.

Categories and tags
Each monthly challenge has a category created for it. When you write a post, it’s important to select the category it belongs to – putting it in the right category means that when people go to view all the creations for that monthly challenge your creation will appear as well.

You’ll find the list of categories over on the right-hand side of WordPress when you’re writing a post. Check the box of the one you want to add your post to. (Tip: sometimes the ‘Uncategorised’ box gets checked as well – make sure there’s no tick in this before you publish your post.)

It’s also a good idea to add some tags to your post. Tags help your post show up in searches. 3 or 4 tags is a good number – try not to add many more than this, as the more tags you have, the less relevant each one is considered by search engines.

Adding links
You can insert links back to pattern pages, other blogs and anywhere else relevant. Adding (relevant) links is always encouraged. 🙂

Good places to link to in your post are: information about the pattern you used (such as the website of the pattern designer/company), blog posts that other people have done that you got inspired by, and your own blog so people can see more of your creations and learn more about you.

To add a link in WordPress, highlight the text you want to have as a link. (For example, if you talk about using Vogue 2367 for your pattern, the text ‘Vogue 2367’ is a good choice to have as your link.) Then look at the icons directly above the WordPress editor – you’ll see a little button about 2/3 of the way along that looks a bit like a paper clip. Click this to add a link. (Tip: make sure you select the ‘open link in a new window/tab’ box – otherwise when people click your link they’ll get taken away from your blog post.)

Trouble shooting

My post is showing a grey box on the home page
Sometimes sad grey boxes appear on the home page where pretty images of projects should be. 😦 If this happens for your post, it means you haven’t set a feature image. It’s easy to set a feature image – we show you how over here.

My post is back in drafts, why?
Have you published a post, only to find out it’s gone back into ‘draft’ form? Chances are, it’s because we temporarily took it down off The Monthly Stitch blog. If this is the case, check your email, as we will have sent you an email explaining why we did this.

There are a couple of reasons we may have put your post back into draft form: it may be about something that’s not relevant content for the blog, you haven’t set a feature image, or it may not have enough details for our readers.

Since we have so many people contributing to The Monthly Stitch, we only want posts of completed projects that fit the challenges being published on the blog. If you want to write about something else (such as your work in progress, inspirations, etc) a good place to do that is on the Facebook group, which was set up especially for that sort of thing. 🙂

The feature image for your post is what shows up on the blog home page and tempts people through to your post to read about your creation. It’s easy to set up a feature image – we show you how over here.

A lot of our readers do their blog reading using feed readers (such as Bloglovin’) or mobile devices (such as smart phones) and they’ve told us they’re finding it a bit frustrating when they take the time to go through to a post and don’t find any content there. They want to know a bit more about a project to help them decide whether to click through to someone’s blog to find out even more. So we need your blog post to contain at least three paragraphs, and three images. Unsure what to write? We’ve put together some tips on how to write a great Monthly Stitch blog post. Never fear, we still want to see your completed project on the blog! Just add a bit more detail, and hit the ‘publish’ button to get it back up there. 🙂

What to do if you need help
Gotten stuck? Unsure of how to do something? Got a question? Never fear, help is nearby! Either jump onto the Facebook group to ask questions, or email us at themonthlystitch[at]gmail[dot]com

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