What is The Monthly Stitch?

What is The Monthly Stitch?

The Monthly Stitch started in July 2013 and finished May 2019. At that time it was run by Mel, CiaraNikki, Kyla and Elizabeth.

Previous collaborators include Kat and Juliet.

The Monthly Stitch was an international ongoing sew-along. Each month we posted a new challenge theme and encouraged participants all over the world to sew one or more items in that theme and share it here on The Monthly Stitch Blog.

Why have monthly challenges?  To increase our sewing productivity and creativity! With the added bonus of building an online, collaborative sewing community where we can all be inspired by and learn from others, and make new sewing buddies all around the world.  And have a heck of a lot of sewing fun too!

Sewing challenges encourage people to get a bit more creative with their sewing by giving them a different starting point.  Rather than looking at your stack of patterns and/or fabric and wondering what to make next, having a challenge will help you narrow down your sewing choices and save you from drowning in an avalanche of sewing stash.  (Or maybe it’s just me that’s at risk of death-by-fabric-avalanche?  Hmmm….)

Having a deadline to share your creations with an online community helps to encourage productivity – after all, there’s nothing like a bit of show-and-tell, right?  😉

Take a look through out Challenges archive for inspiration.


How do I sign up?

We’re sorry but The Monthly Stitch is no longer an active blog and we are no longer taking new sign ups or adding new posts. Feel free to look through our Challenge archives for inspiration.

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