New to Me: the Schnittchen Coatigan

I decided to take part in The Monthly Stitch’s pattern swap and having dutifully sent off patterns to my nominated swap partners I eagerly waited to see what I would be sent in turn. I received a package containing this lovely card



and the Schnittmuster Coatigan Silvia pattern from Schnittchen.

I  would have overlooked this pattern fit I was choosing it for myself just because it looks so pink on the envelope but on further consideration it’s a nice slouchy style, I love the inseam pockets and yes, it is the sort of garment I would wear (if it wasn’t pink..)

Lots of things about this were new to me, I had never made up a Shnittchen pattern before, I had never made a shawl collar before and I had never made an item of outerwear before so lots of challenges to look forward to.

The fabric I chose is a quite heavyweight woolly fabric and, wanting to do my best by my swap partner I rather rashly decided to line the Coatigan as well, for which I chose a lightweight ponte roma jersey which is quite slippery.

I cut out all the pieces and then got down to the pattern instructions which contain NO DIAGRAMS OR PICTURES just writing. The pattern states that there is a video tutorial for the garment but it is certainly not visible on the Schnittchen website. I have discovered during the making of this garment that I don’t do well with just words. I need diagrams to understand what I am doing and even trusty youtube didn’t help much (more later)

I took a lot of time to make sure that I had accurate pattern matching on the front and back pieces. And with the back especially you can hardly see the join.


The Outer shell went together nicely and I was feeling pleased with my progress.Shortly after this point it was possible to finish the garment and just have it unlined but as I was feeling optimistic I ploughed on until I got to instruction 22


This is the main instruction for attaching the lining to the outer, I have never done this before and I struggled to understand this for two whole days . Is it just me or is this an origami instruction ? There is no mention anywhere of sewing anything, just turning and pinning. I watched many youtube videos for lining garments, I read articles about lining garments, but was still not sure whether I was supposed to be doing a free lining or a bag lining. In the end I went for a bag lining but I’m not at all sure I have done it correctly.

Next came attaching the sleeve lining, I ended up with THIS twice. (Don’t laugh, remember this is New to Me !)



Before finally realising that I had to do this


and arriving at this


I’m sure a picture would have made it so much easier to understand……I would challenge the assertion that this pattern with no tutorial and no pictures is suitable for a beginner in it’s lined form

Anyway the garment is finished now and once I have got over the trauma of the picture less pattern and the weather gets colder I will enjoy wearing the garment. I have learnt a HUGE amount in the process and am pleased with the outcome although the pockets are pulling down a bit and I’m not sure what to do about that.

img_4270         IMG_4271 Feature size

9 thoughts on “New to Me: the Schnittchen Coatigan

  1. Nice work and great stripe matching. I’ve got this on my winter list, but will make it in a knit unlined first off. I’ve made the Lola cardigan and loved it if you are after something a little easier to try!


  2. Nice work. Good job the weather in the south of England is currently so cold that you might get some wear out of it before packing it away for summer. Also we’ve all been there with the sleeve problem.


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