Triple 3

Hello, this is my very first post with The Monthly Stitch. I can’t believe that I’ve been sewing for so long and never found you earlier – but here I am and willing to contribute what I can and will probably take away very much more.

As this is TMS’s third birthday, the August challenge is to create a garment that encompassed three elements – here’s mine……


Three patterns: Alabama Chanin corset, Paco Peralta half circle skirt and self draping.

Three sewing techniques – hand (reverse applique), regular machine and overlocker/serger

Three fabrics – solid red cotton jersey, floral mesh, burn-out white cotton jersey

Three designs – fitted (corset), draped (overskirt), flare (underskirt)

Three items – dress, gloves, necklace

This dress was also part of the Six Napoleon dress challenge set by Sew2Pro way back in May 2016. The deadline was pushed further and further as making this proved to be more problematic than anyone thought.


The corset top is an Alabama Chanin pattern with reverse applique on one side.

The patterned overskirt is draped onto the Paco underskirt.

















The two were then stitched together to make a dress.


Leftover bits were used to create the accessories: opera length fingerless gloves and a plaited necklace with intertwined pearls.


The overkirt has 4m of pleated fabric and is hemmed with a facing of red jersey using the overlocker at the edge and machine stitched along the top.


I’m not terribly proud of this dress as it was an experiment and the finishing is not up to standard  but it’s completed and is a wearable item and a great learning experience. Just not sure where and when I’ll wear it…..Ideas welcome…..DSCN6536

Alabama Chanin corset pattern

Paco Peralta half circle skirt pattern

Corecouture – my sewing blog with more pictures and dress development from idea to garment. And lots more…..


I hope you enjoy this unconventional dress. I certainly enjoyed the process of using a designer dress as inspiration but at the same time trying to make it the same but different – adding my own personal style and personality.

There are no limits…………



18 thoughts on “Triple 3

  1. Welcome! I have just joined two months ago myself (which I’m sorry you missed, as it was a lot of fun with many challenges!).

    I also saw your post and thought – wow, here is someone who knows how to sew and has a very unique style! I think it’s a very pretty dress that you could style up for a fancy party or down for a coffe with friends. But I can also see it as a ballroom dancing gown as someone mentioned, so it is in fact very versatile! 🙂


  2. Your question about where to where this dress is so funny because, having just met you, I was like: Wow! This lady has a bold style! And just assumed this is how you dress. The point being, you could really wear this anywhere if you wanted to!!
    I would probably style it with sandles and a big straw hat for the beach or the esplanade (if you have one) in the summer months – perhaps without the gloves though.
    This is a very memorable first post on TMS. Welcome to the community!


  3. The first thing I thought when I saw the photo was that someone else here makes ballroom gowns too! So you totally need to wear it out dancing. I have those Alabama Studio books and I’ve loved the look of their style, but I haven’t tried to make anything from the books yet. Your use of the reverse applique in this dress is just so perfect! I might have to copy your idea for my next competition gown!


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