Getting in the Halloween Spirit – Frocktober Part 1


Variations on a theme:  I’m still trying to build a professional wardrobe, and busted this plum fabric out of my stash for this month.  It’s a great ponte knit from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco, and I’d had this pattern picked for it for at least a year before I got around to making it.


I used Burda’s Criss Cross V-Neck dress, which was easier than expected.  I always have trouble with fitting the sleeves and shoulders, but I think the 4th or 5th time (I lost count) was the charm, and most of the bunching is gone.  This happens even with petite patterns for me – I’m still trying to figure out how to adapt.


The only small alteration I made was to vent the sleeves.  It looks a little weird in the photo but it works better on the body.


I could wear it to teach, but I’m saving its first real outing for a conference I’m presenting at in November.  Having a new outfit gives an extra boost, I think!

6 thoughts on “Getting in the Halloween Spirit – Frocktober Part 1

  1. Nice job! It looks like for your next iteration of this dress you could get away with cutting out a smaller size. Especially since you’re using a stretch knit fabric. It looks like you have a lot of room in the back where your zipper goes.


    • Thanks! The body fits well, so I wouldn’t go smaller there – I think the issue is that Burda patterns have shoulders that are always way too broad for me. I’l still trying to figure out a go-to alteration for that.


    • Thank you! I generally gravitate toward classic shapes with interesting little details – I’m really not a pants person so I like dresses that are feminine while still reading “professional” in conservative workplaces. Give a couple of Burda dresses a shot! They can be kind of inconsistent, so what works best for me is looking for ones that have a lot of makes/reviews.


    • You might be able to get away with just lengthening the top of the front skirt; it might be tricky to redraft the bodice. I’m short (5′ 2″) but I’m also a G cup, so that’s why it looks so short on me. It turned out more low-cut on me than I’d imagined, but it’s not a big deal for me to wear a slip underneath.


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