Toni G – No 4 Letter Words

Toni G – No 4 Letter Words

My sewing machine is not talking to me, so I’ve been having an affair with my serger. This has led to an interesting flirtation with Hand Sewing Techniques, and I even googled No-Sew Tips, but decided he wasn’t my type.
I have two assistants who love to be involved in my projects. Trix usually joins in only when he is sure of a response of pure horror or terror, depending on whether the item can be unraveled or shredded. Gemma, on the other hand, is a strict Quality Control inspector who needs to check that each step is nose-worthy and has, on occasion, only avoided by a whisker becoming an integral part of the item being sewn. My unwilling assistant, Himself, is usually guilt-tripped into wielding a camera for my parade of unmentionables.
Sewing is a recent romance, after flings with a variety of hobbies such as crochet (pleasant memories), knitting (broke my heart), decoupage (bored of him very quickly), and woodwork (untidy fellow). I still class myself as Novice, but consistently choose projects that suit Maestro – or tweak my novice projects until they achieve Maestro status, which obviously results in something utterly unwearable. Undaunted, I persist. Wicked!
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