Kaine – Bobbylees

Kaine – Bobbylees

I have always liked sewing, knitting and crocheting long before the internet made it possible to socialise like this. So when I took up sewing again last year with the mind to upgrade my wardrobe, I immediately got online to see what sewing around the world was like and in this past year, my skill has improved so much just from sharing and reading posts on blogs like this. It’s really a pleasure to be part of this community even though I can’t always indulge. My style is comfort before anything, I wear mostly t-shirts and jeans at home, but I would like to incorporate some sundresses and the like into my wardrobe.I also like sewing for my baby girl and husband.
Check out all of Kaine’s posts on The Monthly Stitch and visit her blog: Bobbylees

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