Double double: Colette Negroni and Grainline Scout

My first post on the Monthly Stitch! Hi guys!

I blog over at, and have been following TMS for a while now, but hadn’t taken the plunge!

This month I have taken up the challenge, not once but twice.

I did some selfish stitching and made myself two Scout tees by Grainline studio, as pictured above. One in a white cotton broderie anglaise, and another in a fun seaside print polycotton. I did french seams on both, and I’m really pleased with how they came out. You can read a little more about them here.

My first double however, was a selfless stitch for my beloved Mr M. I had bought the Colette Negroni pattern way back in November, but hadn’t taken the plunge.

I think I was scared of it.

But I had reason to do some procrastination this week so made two shirts!

You can read a little more about them here. The one on the left was made using some fabric from my stash, a lightweight stripey cotton that I had leftover from making a dress for the Jane Austen Festival last year, and the one on the right is made from a paperclip print quilting weight cotton. The quilting weight was a little heavier to work with, but actually gives it a good shape, and Mr M has requested I make him some more already.

I chalk that one up as a win. Racking up the wife points!