Indie Pattern Month 2014

Announcing the June challenge

June is all about celebrating independent pattern designers, and the independent boutiques that stock them.

If you follow my blog or Mel’s blog, you may have heard about Indie Pattern Month before. We co-hosted it last year, and had so much fun that it was the catalyst for us starting up The Monthly Stitch.

Well, it was so much fun, and we had so much positive feedback from people, we’ve decided that Indie Pattern Month is going to be an annual event! (After all, there’s so much amazing talent out there it would be impossible to do justice to all the indie designers in just one month, wouldn’t it?!)

So during June, we’ll be sewing with patterns from independent designers.

But that’s not all!

Many of you have probably heard about the larger indie designers such as Colette, Sewaholic, By Hand London. But have you heard about Gather Kits? Papercut? Ooh Lulu? How about Eliza M, Simple Sews, or Seamster? Or maybe Kitschy Coo or Pauline Alice? Well, June will be the month to learn more about them all!

Indie Pattern Month is going to be a bit different from the usual Monthly Stitch challenges. Since it’s a celebration of independent designers, we’ve gone all-out, and as well as the usual sewing challenge there will be sewing contests, giveaways, and interviews with a fabulous bunch of designers and boutique owners.

We’ll tell you more over the next couple of weeks as part of the build-up to Indie Pattern Month. But in the meantime, just to tease you, here’s the list of our amazing sponsors (click on their logos to go through to their websites):


Gather kits logo



And a huge thank-you to Sew Independent for organising prizes from:


Pretty amazing group, right? Stay tuned for more details about Indie Pattern Month, coming to The Monthly Stitch soon!

25 thoughts on “Announcing the June challenge

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  6. Hi Monthly Stitch, I’m new to this whole sewing blog world and would love to get involved in some challenges – do you have one that runs for the whole month? There’s no way I’ll have to time to complete those weekly challenges (as much as I’d love to)… Thanks! Katy


    • Hi Katy. We do indeed! The theme for all of June is indie patterns – you can make anything using an indie pattern for the monthly challenge, it doesn’t have to fit into any of the four contest themes. The four sewing contests are additional challenges for those who want to go a little bit crazy with their sewing during June. 😉


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  8. Really pleased with this challenge. I’ve been already looking for a great pattern. It will be hard to pic one: too much to choose.


  9. Squealing with delight. I LOVE independent pattern companies. Malvarosa from Pauline Alice is what I am working on now. I can’t wait to check out the other companies. I adore the Monthly Stitch group.


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