Announcing the February Challenge…and guess who’s back?

Well, well, well…what a surprise 😉 Solid colours won hands down.

Tut, tut! Picking the easy option is cheating and someone is not very pleased about that…

Oh yes, Miss Bossy is back from her holiday and she thinks having a rainbow of colour spread at your feet is not really a challenge at all.

So, she has made a table of colours and assigned them letters.

Miss Bossy has decreed that you must use a shade of the colour assigned to your first names initial.

Your Editors know that Miss Bossy is sometimes just a bit too bossy however and you might not like the colour assigned to your first initial. As long as you don’t tell her then we’ll let you use your last initial instead. Or if you are really desperate (I can already see she’s assigned both my initials to the same colour!) you can use your middle initial or online handle initial.

Remember, the TMS monthly themes are all about pushing the boundaries. Our guidelines each month are just that and we want you to take up the challenges and make them your own. Bend them a little to suit your own style and skill level and tell us how you chose to interpret the theme.

We love seeing fun twists on our ideas so don’t forget to surprise us occasionally! 😀

So, what colour are you?





35 thoughts on “Announcing the February Challenge…and guess who’s back?

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  2. Yuss, purple is my fave colour but not sure if i’ve got any solid purple in my stash (I’ve committed to not buying any new fabrics for the first half of 2015. I will have to have a good hunt around and see what I can come up with.


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  6. My first name does give me purple which is one of my favourite colours 🙂 However, I just stocked up on a bunch of printed fabrics so I don’t have a lot of solids to choose from. The two solids I do have are blue and green and I don’t have a name anywhere to help me match those (Last name R, online handle E. No middle name). We’ll see if I can come up with something 🙂


  7. Well. Black for my first initial. Just last week I bought black fabric to try a retro suit pattern. Green for my middle initial. I have a green/teal fabric for a blouse to wear with the suit. Last name, white; handle, red; I think I’ll keep those in reserve. This is probably more sewing than I can possibly manage in one month anyway. Thanks, Miss Bossy, for thinking of me! (I’m new here and excited to join the challenge.)


  8. How funny is that Linda of Nice Dress. I’m in the exact same position as you. My skin is slightly olive so yellow would not work at all. I’m not the biggest fan of red either as I’m trying to go for more muted colors (in the process of making a capsule wardrobe) but I might give it a go. Perhaps a skirt would be the go? It maybe wine colored leggings?


  9. I have been meaning to make my brother’s girlfriend a lovely shirt for months now. I think this is the motivation I needed! My first last name (yes I have two) gives me purple (El’s favorite color) so fingers crossed everything comes out nicely!


  10. My first and last name both start q a C…. pink… at first I was “yuck” but then remembered I have some pink fabric in my stash and know what I want to do with it. 🙂


  11. Black for me. The second color I may use is red. I love it. Also love the way how Miss Bossy came back in the challenge (like her new outfit as well)


  12. psst… psst…… I don’t want to say this too loud so you know who hears me but all three of my initials are “M” which is red but I’m not a big fan sooooo, I’m gonna use “T” which is that awesome lime green color. I don’t really know that I’m a lime green person either but I figure it’ll be fun. So keep it on the down low and if she asks you ANYTHING, just play dumb!


  13. I’m very excited about this one even though I think I voted for lingerie. My colors are white, black and red. You’d think I paid off Miss Bossy Pants or something! But what’s really great about this one is that a white button down shirt is on my to-sew list for 2015. Simpatico!


  14. I’d get brown–which normally I’d be ok with, but since I’m having to limit myself to baby bump-friendly things right now, nothing else in my wardrobe goes with brown! (Except plain blue jeans. Boooooooring.)


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