Both insides and Miss Bossy – get 2 for one?

Hi everyone!

Some (long) time ago Miss Bossy decided that I had to make my new dress in green. Not a problem, I like green!

But as it had to come from the stash ( Decided by the financial boss=me) there was a problem….

Did I even have a solid green fabric somewhere? And when I found one, it was maybe not enough, and maybe more suited for  jacket.

Enter lots of thinking, contemplating and meditating over this question…


I hesitated for so long that it was already March, and spring outside, so I jumped in and said GO FOR IT!

So here’s the robust and almost weatherproof green linen dress. Plus I’m showing some of the inside too, as I hope to  qualify for the March challenge too?

(I tried to hypnotize the cat away from the camera tripod here, thats why I look awfully serious…)

 photo framifran-winter_zpsdec5biod.jpg


The dress is, as usual, my own pattern. It’s really a test version of a new pattern that almost drove me  crazy.

If you’re interested in all the steps before a pattern is completed, look at this mess!

But his time, thank heavens, it turned out almost perfect! Some minor tweaks, and it’s ready to go live.

But I appreciate all kinds of comments, I really would like to know what you think!!!



So, some of the promised inside story:


A bit advanced, but  don’t loose sleep, a full tutorial is coming!

 photo mark-with-ruler_zps3ywwtuon.jpg



Inside the neck, neat and tidy!

Here you can see a glimpse of the overlapping yoke in the back. The yoke and the pockets both have this overlapping, rounded shape, and there will be short sleeves in this style too. I’m unsure if  it’s only me that thinks this is a cool look?

 photo insides_zpsuy5tfqfb.jpg


And backside!!

 photo backside-winter_zpscpylvejv.jpg


As usual, over to my blog for more details! Thanks for reading, friends!

All comments are welcome!



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