A Gutsy Granville

“Show us your insides” they said

“uh oh” I said…. Pretty insides really aren’t my thing however it couldn’t hurt to try right?

So the story of this sleeveless Sewaholic Granville shirt is that due to the prospect of being skint between jobs I did some super snidey fabric shopping and only bought 1m of this lovely lawn. I could just squeeze all the pieces onto the fabric save for the collar stand which I bullishly decided could be cut from somescraps….

To make the shirt sleeveless I followed the directions as presented here and here. I like the fact the sewaholic blog shows pictures of how to do this as I work so much better with illustrative examples. As this was the first time I had made this shirt I really didn’t have much to go on with taking length off from the shoulders and armseye so I started with an inch at the shoulder and 1 cm at the yoke like in the (sewaholic) tutorial. It seemed a legit method… When it came to adding the binding on the armholes I used 0.68 inch bias binding (err can anyone say lazy?! This was the resultant width of the scraps…) to the raw edge to help remove some of the excess which still existed cutting this down so that there was only about a half inch on the inside. The next time I make up this sleeveless version I will be a bit braver and cut a little more off the shoulders and armseye and add in a little at the underarm because it seems a little loose for me here.

This was my first completed shirt and I have to admit I did find the collar instructions a little confusing but I think it worked out OK – if we ignore the different coloured collar stand… When I was cutting the shirt out I didn’t think this would matter too much and the stand wouldn’t be too noticeable, however I’m good with a random print on print eyesore!

I did really like how the method of attaching the yoke left lots of neat internal seams! As I have only ever made the Negroni before this shirt I’m not sure if there is another alternative method which works too?

And the button band finished nicely too 🙂

I definitely want to make up another few of these shirts with the noted fitting adjustments – maybe even a few with varying lengths of sleeves… I also need to take some of the volume of fabric out of the front – another dart maybe or even just sizing down the front pieces as the fit is quite loose here but works well on the back (save for the usual excess which I was too scared to pre-empt!). Alternatively I may use this tutorial found on the curvy sewing collective blog. All I will say on the matter of making more shirts though is before I do make any more tops I will have to start on that objective of making trousers! (Please don’t judge me on the horriffic state of my ancient RTW trousers!!!)

If you want to see more photos you can head on over to my blog here.

Happy sewing folks!!

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