A Tale of two Till(e)ys

Happy second birthday TMS. This is my second post on TMS. I have made two Mathilde blouses using the pattern from Tilly and the Buttons, and my name is Tilley. Therefore, two Till(e)ys.

To be truthful (which is always best) the first one was a wearable muslin. Although I was a good girl and traced the pattern I did one small mod to kick off with: blended sizes. I forget which but I usually try this as a sort of cheaty FBA, start slightly smaller in the shoulders and blend a size up as I reach boob height. The muslin is on the right. I used a floral polycotton from http://www.croftmill.co.uk that I got yonks ago.





Shortcut-wise it was OK, but I made further changes to version two:

  • move the darts down about an inch
  • a proper FBA rather than a sort of lazy cheaty version which I always knew wasn’t going to cut it
  • I only used six buttons since I had some rather nice ones I liked in my stash


For version one I used some cheapo fish eye ones I got a whole load of at a carboot sale:


Check out the accidental serendipitous pattern matching. Total accident.

For the final version I used a cotton lawn that is pretending to be Liberty but isn’t. I got it at the Knit and Stitch show in March at Birmingham NEC where I also bought the paper pattern.

Stuff I like about this pattern:

  • the actual pattern is really nicely packaged and the instructions are great
  • I like a yoke on a pattern for some reason (indeed I also had one in my last TMS make)
  • pintucks
  • buttons at the back – a lovely touch
  • French seams, the insides are really tidy

Stuff I don’t like:

  • I’m not sure the blouse suits me, my bodyshape may not be right for Tilly’s patterns, I am going to have to face this, I have other things from her book and the jury is out
  • there is a bit of handsewing – I am clumsy beyond belief at “stitch in the ditch” so I sewed the cuffs in by hand, also seven buttons

Just wondering if anyone else who requires an industrial FBA has made a Tilly pattern. What did you think?

13 thoughts on “A Tale of two Till(e)ys

  1. I also require an industrial FBA and am also a bit “jury’s out” on Tilly’s patterns for my body shape (although I lover her style, her book and her super clear instructions!)! I’m glad that I read your post because I was also going to attempt a sort of lazy fudged grading type of FBA on Mathilde, although secretly I knew it wouldn’t do the trick! Now I will just have to see it as a learning opportunity to do a good FBA and save the pattern for a long rainy weekend. Good job my fabric is cheap enough for wearable muslin status! Do you know any good online tutorials for FBA’s by any chance? Thanks for your post!

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    • Thanks Jen for your comment 🙂 in response, it is not a first beginner pattern but it is not too challenging, I’d call it “adventurous beginner” if you are using a cotton fabric. There are obviously buttonholes to do and you have to set in the sleeve but that job is made easier by the gathers. There are darts for shaping and pintucks. The instructions are very very clear with photos to follow. You are shown how to do French seams if you are not sure. The hardest part for me was back opening which I managed to mess up on my muslin (and then had to correct) and then I did the exact same mistake the second time round – I am clearly a slow learner. It is a very achievable pattern if you have made a few things before.


    • Thank you craftycreeky, I love Tilly’s style but I am starting to think I should admire from afar and pick things I am more naturally suited to! Can I ask which indie patterns you like and if you have the same issue as me (a large bust is the politest way I can think of saying it )?


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