The Rare Bloom: or I really don’t like floral, guys

Hello, all!

This is my first post here at the Monthly Stitch! My name is Nikki, and while I’m primarily a painter, you can find all my sewing and thrifty things over on Tea and Pupcakes!

I’ll be honest. I really hate things floral. For my personal style, it’s generally either too busy (I don’t really like prints) or too feminine. For once, though, I did finish something floral, which is really what got me to sign up for The Monthly Stitch in the first place.


That’s right! I made a belt!


It’s a hand embroidered belt I started making a couple of years ago with the help of a vintage belt kit. I finally manage to sew it up this month and I discovered that I had made it too long!


I originally was going to put the button holes (eyelets?) in that blank space there, but even had it been long enough, I think that pretty little rose would have got a bit battered going through the belt buckle.


What I ended up doing is chopping the belt off to either end  of the embroidery and adding an elastic channel and a snap. You can kind of see here that it’s a little loose still, but I’m thinking of making a few rows of snaps so I can put it on over a tight fitting dress or a bulky sweater.



On the whole, though, I really, really like it and I’m glad I got to make it work!

You can read a little more over on my blog, and see some vaguely wonky styling.


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