Mommy & Me Cardigans

The inspiration for my matching cardi set came from two different posts by the same author:

1.) Double Dolly Clackett

2.) Two Gingham Dresses

I had to ask myself halfway through construction of these garments, “Am I really going to be that mom?” -and I’m definitely sure the answer is: ABSOLUTELY. For as long as my baby is either ignorant of the fact that we match until he is able to recognize that it’s not as cool as I tell him it is, I will be matching our outfits as much as I can. I wore matching tablecloth dresses with my mom AND had a mullet as a child. While I can excuse the checkered pattern dresses and poofy sleeves because, well, the 80’s happened, I have no excuse for that mullet.
My cardi was a total hack job of McCall’s M6708. I didn’t like the high scoop or the v-neck, or the buttons, so I took the basic shape and then just kind of did my thing around it. The fit of the sleeves and the bust are actually great, but if I made it again I would probably play around with the bottom hem as I’m not super excited how this turned out.

The baby cardi was self drafted using some clothing that fit him at the time I started this project in the beginning of the month. Now that he’s a chunk-a-munk, we’ve probably got 1-2 more wears out of this thing, tops.

I am, however quite pleased that I finished this while he could still fit most of his body into it, since for the past 3 months every second of my life has been stolen by this tiny, terrifying dictator  lovingly occupied by my darling baby boy.


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    • Thanks! I’d love to see that too! My husband and I tried like heck but all we got were 65,786 pictures of a SCREAMING baby 🙂 I guess 3 month olds don’t like fashion shows(haha)- I’ll work on him 😉


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