A Work in Progress


I was so excited to sign up to contribute to the Monthly Stitch, yet somehow, October slipped away from me…..suddenly it was the 29th, and I hadn’t even started a Frocktober garment! Not a great start.

I decided I wanted to cut my own pattern based on a dress I already own. It’s a knit dress I got on sale – I loved the overall shape, but added a border because it was a little short for me. For this project, I decided to add a little flare and a drawstring hem.

When I looked closely at the seaming of the dress, it turns out it’s a little unusual – no side seams, just a centre back one, and two curved seams that go from the front neck around to the back hem. I did a rough tracing, and cut out a half toile. I pinned it on Sheila (my headless friend on wheels), but it needed more flare. To save time (and support the Scotch tape industry), I didn’t trace new pieces, but slashed into my pattern, and stuck bits of paper behind (not professional, but the clock was ticking !)

I searched through my stash for a knit – I really wanted to use a sweatshirt knit, but didn’t have one, so I pulled out a lightweight knitted fabric (man-made something or other).

The dress was pretty quick to put together – overlocked seams, and folded bands to finish neck and armholes. I cut a slit up the centre back, did a narrow hem on it, then hemmed the whole dress and threaded a drawstring through the hem.


I do like the overall shape. Next time I will make it in a heavier cotton knit, adjust the front armhole curve to open it a little, and add pockets in the curved seams. I think some contrast topstitching would make it look a little more sporty, too.

Done…just in the nick of time. Next month, I must start earlier!!

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