For All Hallow’s Eve

#1 floor length cotton flannel caftan (click to go to post)

Oh, goodie! It’s time to bake gingerbread and get out Agatha Christie’s Hallowe’en Party. This year I’ve got perfect costuming, whether it be hot (boo!) or cold (yeah!) weather.

Which might have been a slightly subliminal reason for deciding to make up this trio of caftans (a.k.a., kaftans).

#2 ankle length cotton lawn caftan (click to go to post)

It also helped me use every inch of some very mature stashed fabric. Behold! The combined number of years for this trio is, conservatively, 29 years.

Although I used the same self-drafted pattern for all three, fabric characteristics had to be taken into account. After all, you can’t treat cotton flannel the same as cotton lawn, or rayon/viscose.

For more of the details, see my blog posts here and here.
And lest we forget, here’s the info for them.

1st Caftan:

Meters Used 2.7m     10 pts
Stash Time 5+yrs      50 pts
Preciousness              40 pts
POINTS TOTAL:       100 pts

#3 mid-calf rayon/viscose caftan (click to go to post)

2nd Caftan:

Meters Used 2.2m    10 pts
Stash Time 4 yrs       25 pts
Preciousness             20 pts
POINTS TOTAL:        55 pts

3rd Caftan:

Meters Used   1.8m   10 pts
Stash Time  20+yrs   50 pts
Preciousness             40 pts
POINTS TOTAL:      100 pts

Hope everyone has a delightful Hallowe’en!