Two Teach Me Fashion Layer Dresses

I used the Teach me Fashion Layer Dress to make my Around the World – Inspired by Vivienne Westwood  dress and decided to go for a second dress using this pattern for the One Pattern Two Ways challenge, .

I find it a very wearable pattern, and its a bit different to wearing just a shift dress because of that exra layer which creates interest.

So here is my Eyeballs dress.

 I bought the fabric from Ikea as one of their limited editions ages ago. Its 100% cotton and it was just so very different.

As usual this fabric was not for Halloween but was actually part of the Ikea summer collection. Or maybe it was released in summer to allow people time to make for Halloween? Who knows?

It is a perfect fabric though for Halloween and IPM happens to have also fallen on that time of year this year so why not?

This version of the layer dress has the inner facing as well which makes for a neater finish than my last dress.

Again,  like my first dress the insides are all overlocked. The difference is I used me made bias to finish that dress due to lack of fabric to make the facings. The facings are certainly much neater and professional as finishing.

I did not bother to pattern match because to be honest I was having difficulty working out where the repeats are. I do not think it matters anyway and it does also mean I waste less of this somewhat precious fabric so should have enough for something else. It only really shows as a problem at the back where the non- matched pattern does show, but I am still happy with this dress despite that.

I am finding this particular pattern is surprisingly fast to make up as well. I used a normal zip for this version since I did not have an invisible in the right colour. I also had difficulty deciding whether to go with red or a white zip and in the end red won. I am still not so sure white may have looked better. I also made the mistake – partly through hating to rethread my overlocker of overlocking my centre backs on either side of my zip in black. Then having decided this was not the best thing to do I had to bite the bullet and re-thread the thing in red which took me most of a day.  I do think it works better in red though.

As I did with the Around the World Inspired by Vivienne Westwood dress I added a few inches in length. Here is the first dress below:

Other than that there is not much to say about this.

I personally am very pleased with the end result of both dresses and expect to wear these a lot.If you would like to read more about these dresses you can do so at

I have not taken part in IPM before this year but despite the need to stitch fast I have very much enjoyed this and now have several new clothing items. Certainly it was worth being part of #IPM2018.

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  1. Coincidentally, I sat down on Halloween night to read your post. I find the eyeballs dress quite fitting. I think you can easily wear this any other time, the eyeballs are quite abstract. But may favourite is the Vivienne Westwood inspired dress. Possibly because I’m a sucker for blue and checks…

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