Round 2 – Vogue 5782 from the September Challenge again!

Back in September I toiléd Vogue 5782 in polished cotton for TMS “Vintage Patterns” challenge. This months ‘Sewing Double’ challenge has given me  the incentive to finally make it up in the very precious piece of vintage wool houndstooth I talked about then, which has been lurking in my stash for (ahem) a good couple of decades. It was given to me by a favourite tutor when I studied Fashion Design years ago; goodness knows how long she had it for. While I appreciated what a beautiful piece of wool it was, it wasn’t particularly fashionable at that time, hence being stashed for so long.

This time I cut the whole dress on the bias, made the sleeves 3/4 length, and pleated the skirt in the front (darts in back) rather than gathering it onto the bodice as per pattern instructions. It’s lined with a liteweight ruby coloured silk satin, bought from Arthur Toyes last year. I also eliminated the sash belt, as this time I think the leather belt works better.

8 thoughts on “Round 2 – Vogue 5782 from the September Challenge again!

  1. I also have a piece of houndstooth wool that’s been waiting for a specific project (although it’s only been in there for 4 or 5 years), a wool mini skirt that I’ll wear with a black tucked in t-shirt, exactly like Heidi Klum on one episode of Project Runway. I hope I do it as much justice as you’ve done to your wool!


    • I really like the houndstooth jacket (and the skirt) you made for your daughter(?) over on your blog. Might have to join you in Spring Cleaning the Sewing Space (although it’s autumn here).


    • Thanks – looking forward to the weather getting cool enough to wear it. Not long now…
      Pretty sure I saw you walking along Cambridge Terrace a couple of weeks ago – I was driving home, otherwise I would have said “Hello!”


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