Lekala: Pin-up Peplum Polkadot Fangirl

Ever since I first found Lekala patterns, I have been in love with them. So when I saw a challenge for sewing from just one company, there was no better company for me than Lekala.

I adore their pattern selection, and of course the ability to size them exactly to my size is just wonderful. Even with the sometimes odd instructions, Lekala patterns are fast becoming a favourite in my sewing room!

When choosing patterns for this challenge, I knew I wanted three pieces – then it was just onto deciding what ones! In the end, I went with numbers #4245, #5985, and #4183. All three of them drew me in very quickly when I saw them, and even after looking through the rest of the patterns these three were still in the front of my mind.


And here they are together! I just adore that pop of brick orange under the floral jacket.

This ended up being a stashbusting challenge for me, as I only spent $1 total! I bought a remnant of lining for the jacket – everything else was out of my stash.


Construction on all three pieces was very easy and flowed well, even when the instructions were sometimes a little confusing. The top is so warm, I used a wool blend for it and I just adore it. I have already chosen more fabrics to make this again, it is so perfect for the weather here at the moment – icy cold so a built-in scarf is super practical!

And my favourite detail of the entire outfit? That curved front seam on the skirt. I just love how it sits, and it is now my go-to pin-up skirt – effortlessly easy to wear, and so comfortable! I used a remnant of stretch denim which wasn’t quite big enough for any other projects.


Overall, I can definitely say I am a Lekala Fangirl!

9 thoughts on “Lekala: Pin-up Peplum Polkadot Fangirl

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  2. I’m so glad to see posts about Lekala patterns. I have a few myself but haven’t made any yet. They look great on you, and I like that curved seam on the skirt too–it’s an unusual detail.


  3. @andrea – hehe! If I count the skirt fabric as well, which I purchased myself, it’d be $9 all up – the floral and the spot were gifts from my mother! I love fabric presents!
    @NancyD – The collar is just amazing. Every time I’ve worn it I’ve been able to avoid needing a scarf.
    @zibergirl – I love your work on the directions hehe! And half the time I think the issue is my lack of sewing terminology (I learnt off my mum, so I have frequent instructions of ‘attach the flappy bit to the other bit’ rather than their actual names!) The shoes are I Love Billy brand, I don’t know if they still make them, but they’ve lasted AMAZINGLY well, I got them almost 8 years ago!


  4. I’m loving your Lekala fashions. I also like the customizable sizing and the great price. I’m working on all those directions as fast as I can. “winky winky”. Your color scheme is fabulous and very cute too. I love those shoes!


  5. I love the collar on the shirt and the asymmetrical front on the skirt. Together they are great. Really nice outfit, and the fabric combination is very well planned. Really nice job!


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