Amnesty: The Great Cape

Well I didn’t find out about Monthly Stitch until August soooo I missed the Cape challenge from which this all began. Cape patterns in hand I decided this is what I was going to make. It was hard to choose because with all the pattern sales I have 7 cape patterns. I chose New Look 6152.  If you follow me you know that most of my sewing is for my daughter Mori, when she saw this she was like I really like that fabric. I said hold that thought …….this one is for me. When I told her I was making pants in the same fabric , she said, “umm that’s a little too much, don’t you think?” I said go big or go home because it’s about to go down.

I am really happy with this cape and the fit. I plan on making a few more for the fall season

The pros: This pattern was super easy.
The cons: I opted not to sew the bottom together per the instructions, I was concerned about the lining not laying flat with the rest of the cape. It was a beast to get that lining not to show. I decided to tack my lining to the seams, which was not part of the instructions.

Fabric: I chose a wool blend that I got for $3.49 a yd from I also wanted to add a little flair for my lining and I used a black and white African cotton print for the front & sides and for the center back I used a pink lining fabric.

…….JUST IN…………………….The pants are done and here is the complete outfit!

19 thoughts on “Amnesty: The Great Cape

  1. It looks absolutely wonderful! I’m planning to make a cape soon(ish) for bike riding in cooler weather and this is great inspiration. It certainly looks as though it will keep you stylish and warm all in one go.


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