Who says denim isn’t business casual?

Hi there! I’m Jessie, and it’s my very first time posting on The Monthly Stitch! I know it’s bad form to be posting late on my very first challenge but well… life happens.



I wasn’t planning to take part in the January challenge, but the thought of a denim skirt that was office-appropriate kept haunting my dreams at night so I grabbed some leftover denim and the Delia Creates Pleated Pencil Skirt pattern that I bought last Black Friday, and dove in headfirst. I had no idea how this make would turn out as there aren’t many reviews of this Delia Creates pattern out there but I figured I would give it a shot and see how it turned out.



… And you guys, it turns out that I REALLY like this pattern. I hesitate to claim I LOVE it just yet because I feel like I haven’t perfected the fit, but I must say that this might be THE ONE. The pdf version also happens to be only 8 pages long, which is a major win. EIGHT pages! That is unheard of. My taping-paper-hating soul was singing the hallelujah chorus as I printed this out. The only thing I dislike is that the pattern lines are drawn in colour, which is kind of a hassle if you only have a black and white printer at home, like I do.



For more details of my thoughts on this pattern and the fit adjustments I made, hop on over to my post here! See you in the next challenge!

16 thoughts on “Who says denim isn’t business casual?

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  2. How great! Great proportion for you. Now you will know how to adjust the pattern for the next skirt you make with your excellent sewing skills.


  3. What an elegant denim variant, love it. I used to have a similar one years ago, store-bought, and it had some sparkly fiber in it, the reason I never wore it. Now you made me remember that I did like the style as such very much, maybe I should give this pattern a try, thank you!


  4. Fun and flattering skirt! I bet no one gives you the evil eye for wearing denim at the office. When non-sewers think denim, they think jeans. You’ll probably just get compliments on your adorable skirt.


  5. Great skirt! I love that you’ve done office wear in denim – brilliant idea, and that pattern looks perfect for it!

    Also – welcome to The Monthly Stitch! 🙂


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