Announcing the first challenge of 2016!

It’s time to announce the first challenge for 2016!

We’re going to ring in the new year in style with a drink.

Toast farewell to 2015 with us in a garment inspired by your favourite beverage.

I might be beer or bubbles, or your favourite cocktail. How about a soothing tea or a heart starting coffee? (Ohh coffee!)

Berry smoothie anyone?

Whatever you like, sew it up and tell us all about it! 🙂



The next Monthly Stitch newsletter will be sent out tomorrow so if you haven’t singed up yet do it, do it! We send them out at the start of the month so you know what challenge is current and what’s coming up. Along with other sewing info we include some fun inspiration for future challenges to get you thinking.

So, what Amnesty projects are you working on?

7 thoughts on “Announcing the first challenge of 2016!

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