Flower Power Two Fabrics?

The April Challenge at The Monthly Stitch is Miss Bossy demanding that I FLOWER POWER TWO FABRICS – something I can really dig!

I’ve been busy following my “sewing to do” list and unfortunately none of my makes coincided with the Monthly Stitch’s (inspirational) Challenges until I hit upon this one….

I had plans to make myself Butterick 3458.  It’s a vintage pattern.  I had a similar dress in the 70’s.  It was a deep red.  As I was stumbling through sewing together my dress – I kept changing my plans and my mind – I never thought there might also be a few problems with the knit fabric I chose.


The best part of this project was the print of the fabric I found in my stash.  There have been discussions on my blog as to what I should call it – a paisley floral? a floral paisley? how about a “Florsley”?  (I have Accidental Seamstress to thank for that one!)  No matter… I love it!


My fabric was a knit though – almost T shirt like – so it was rather light weight and a bit stretchy.  It helped that I used interfacing strips to hem the sleeves.  It was a perfect stabilizer for stitching up my hem.


I also added a solid strip of 100% polyester fabric to the bottom hem, another stabilizer!  I found this orange polyester fabric in my stash and it perfectly matched the orange flowers – oh so lucky!


The pattern was also extremely hacked.  I started off with my Butterick pattern, but the skirt was too full for the amount of fabric I had rescued from my stash.  So I used my Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt pattern instead.  Then I decided to try using my own bodice pattern block too.  The only piece I ended up using from the Butterick pattern was the sleeve piece!  

But it’s done!  What do you think… can you dig it?  (I sure can!)


I don’t think I have ever hacked a pattern so much – how about you?

If you would like to see more of my dress, or read more about the details, see my blog.

Thank you The Monthly Stitch for giving me this Challenge!

Happy Sewing!

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