Triple Summer Fun in Culottes

Hello everyone!  This is my first post to The Monthly Stitch collective, thank-you so much for accepting me to your group.

I actually sewed these items in back in June but am just finally blogging about them.  Perhaps it was fate that I be almost 3 months behind in posting these items so I would have a Triple themed post for the TMS birthday!

Winslows - Black full width

What pattern did I love enough to make 3 of?  These are the Winslow Culottes from a new Canadian indie designer, Helen’s Closet.  This is actually her very first garment pattern and I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for the pattern!


My very first “test” pair was this blue floral knee length version in a viscose/linen blend.  Despite my doubts about a high waisted pattern ever working with my ultra short torso I was proven wrong when I got a lovely fit right away.  The pattern is incredibly easy to fit with the large box pleats making lots of room for my hips.  My worry was that my tummy would be emphasized but the “skirt” look actually disguises my tummy quite nicely! 😀

Winslow on a garden bench

What could be more fantastic for summer than a  skirt that is actually shorts?  Not having my thighs stick together and not having to sit like a lady! Haha.

Goofing around in the Winslow Palazzo Pants

I was so smitten with the pattern that I proceeded to make the Palazzo Pant view right away as well.  So swooshy and fun…although a little wild so the jury is out on if I’ll wear this pair enough to be worth it.  They were fantastic to have on vacation trips but a little too crazy for work attire due to my fabric choice.

Sew Anemone - Winslows Culottes by Helen's Closet

My 3rd pair is in basic black velvety soft tencel twill using the final version of the pattern after it’s release.  It took me forever to get photos of this pair because 1) black is sooo hard to photograph and 2) they were always in the laundry because I was constantly wearing them to work!

Winslows cardigan and a puppy

This was a great pattern for me this summer and I plan to wear them into the fall with tight and cardigans or long sleeved tops.  You can see more pictures over on my blog, Sew Anemone, and I’d love to hear what your favorite pattern was for Summer 2016.

Happy Birthday, The Monthly Stitch, and thanks for having me!!

15 thoughts on “Triple Summer Fun in Culottes

  1. I love all the versions and want so much to make the palazzo, just hope I manage to do it! isn’t this pattern lovely, I had the same concerns with you but it seems Helen prooved us both wrong, they look great on you!


    • This pattern is amazing and I’m so glad Helen proved me wrong! I adore your lace version – I’m also a fan of lace on others but never on myself. Love when beautiful things happen because of trying something different!


  2. I love love love the palazzo version! They are awesome and make me feel very happy. Just typed this and then saw ^^ Michelle @ That Black Chic – yup. Me & her – tight!


  3. Love these. I bought some aubergine coloured linen fabric today to make a pair of culottes for work, these have inspired me to make them next x


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