Announcing the February Challenge!

Well that vote certainly did not go as we expected! Which is great 🙂

Looking at those results however…don’t think you’ve gotten off from those other two options 😉

Se get hunting because in February we’ll be sewing patterns from the decade you were born in.

To the thrift shop! (Or Mum’s stash…)



10 thoughts on “Announcing the February Challenge!

  1. 1970’s for me, might see if I have suitable fabric for a tiered peasant skirt, I made one as my first clothing type sewing when I was about 8 I think so I know that’s very 70’s


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        • Oh, man I have been having quite a time. The 80s were soooooooo much of everything. But to actually list should pads under notions to buy on the pattern sleeve- eeeeek. Even basics are scary! Of course now I’m having traumatic flashbacks to the “mommy and me” matching tablecloth-looking dresses from my youth. And my mullet. Actually, now I’m really starting to question my momma’s judgement…


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