Introducing: Amnesty Day!

Yeah ok, we went for the easy name option 😉

What is Amnesty Day?

In the past we’ve had an Amnesty Month each year but the Collective have told us that waiting 11 months between each Amnesty is way too long.

We’re listening and we totally agree!

And while you Editors love to see you catch up, we (and Miss Bossy) also dislike losing a whole month each year to the Amnesty Challenge. It’s one less month every year for a fun idea from our endlessly growing list.

So, we’re going to continue the tradition of Challenge Amnesty Sewing, but make it a more regular thing, one day each month.

When is Amnesty Day?

Amnesty Day is the last day of each month, wherever you are in the world!

How does it work?

Usually we expect your challenge make to be posted during that month and occasionally they spill over a week into the following month. After that it can be a bit embarrassing posting something that took a little longer than you expected it to…

You might also just want to sew from an old challenge that you never got around to, or repeat a favourite challenge…well now the last day of each month is for you!

On that day, and that day only, you may post any finished TMS Challenge make from ANY prior challenge. Tag it with the original category AND the new “Amnesty Day”category and we’ll all get to enjoy some great finished items from the past!

The Amnesty badge is deliberately neutral because Amnesty Day is for ANY challenge from ANY year!

I’ve forgotten what the past Challenges were!

Not to worry, there’s a page for that! 😉

Happy Amnesty Day sewists!



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