3 Amnesties from Last Summer’s IPM

I love this amnesty idea because my sewing projects always get away from me.  I’m not much of one for New Year’s resolutions, but I’m striving lately to 1) schedule a little time each weekend to sew, and 2) quit starting 5 projects at a time, so I don’t have 6+ month-old UFOs.  Over the semester break I took some time to finish these off, so here are the results!

First up are two variations on the Sew Over It Anderson Blouse.  It was part of the 9-5 Capsule bundle and I had intended to enter this, along with the Alberta Street pencil skirt and the Salt jacket, but I ran into some sizing issues and didn’t finish them in time.

For both I used the same satiny polyester blend from Jo-Ann’s.  I cut the first one as a size 12, which what the size chart dictated according to my measurements.  I knew it was meant to be blouse-y, but wow, was it huge!  The whole thing, especially because I had made it in white, was giving off a very Seinfeld-puffy-shirt vibe.  The sleeves made it worse, so I decided to leave it sleeveless by making a wide bias tape to finish it.


Tucked in is not too bad:


This picture is making me think I should peg this skirt a bit…but one thing at a time!

But shortly thereafter I took it in by about 3 inches on each side.  It almost works as a top now.  I had finished the bottom edge but I’m thinking maybe I should add some sort of stretchy bottom band so it will also look fine untucked.

img_20170129_121527_zpswjpmygij 66dedb52-f8fd-485b-ac68-835135253694_zpsl1capwgw

Still pretty voluminous, though.

I already had the sleeves that were supposed to go on this shirt (and I had already done the cuffs and everything), and they weren’t so terribly large, so I decided to cut another bodice.  I went down 3 sizes, and this was the result:

img_20170129_124032_zpsalkuoyrt img_20170129_123955_zpsq75jlw4n

But let’s talk about the skirt for a minute.

It’s the Lindy Petal Skirt from Itch-to-Stitch, which could have been a contender for the “I’m the last person to make X” theme, since it’s a free pattern and has been made up so many times.  I had this stretch woven remnant from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco that I thought would be perfect for this.  The plan was to pair with one or both of these Anderson Blouses; I was envisioning this Katharine Hepburn/English Patient sort of thing:


I did grade between sizes and added a side zipper, but otherwise I followed the pattern.  I think this one turned out really well, and it’s already become a wardrobe staple.

But as for the English Patient dreams?  Well, there’s one problem…can you guess what it is?


How about now?

So, the Anderson Blouse (this is the 3-sizes-smaller version) leaves you with so much extra fabric for tucking that it’s made me look slightly pregnant.  I’m not pretending I don’t have a little bit of paunch, but in comparison:


Well, then.

Maybe eventually I’ll find the right bottom for these tops.  I’m not mad at the way they look under a jacket or tucked into a less form-fitting skirt.  But I’d still only give the pattern a 5/10 because, even with the planned flowy-ness of the design, the sizing is just bananas.

10/10 for the Lindy Petal Skirt, though.  That one is a gem.


4 thoughts on “3 Amnesties from Last Summer’s IPM

  1. Hi, the Lindy petal skirt looks lovely. I have yet to make one though have had the pattern for ages. Thanks for reminding me. The tops seem to have taken you lots of effort for what you got. It’s sad when that happens. Credit for making two. Have you considered them with loose wide legs trousers? I am thinking summer beach walks and very relaxed baggy almost pyjamas looks. You could leave them loose then and it might look good. Just a thought.


    • Thanks, the Lindy is a great pattern! I hadn’t thought of that re: wide leg trousers, that might work. I generally gravitate toward things that are very tailored because I’m short and curvy, and extra fabric tends to overwhelm me/make me look frumpy. Do you have any favorite patterns for that sort of thing?


  2. Great post! I’ve always loved the look of the Anderson blouse but if heard whisperings that the fit was bad. You’ve confirmed that for me! You do look wonderful in both the skirt and blouse. Happy amnesty day!


    • Thank you! I like the general look of the blouse as well, and since I already have the pattern, I may at some point do up another in black. I’ll go down 2 more sizes, though. The funny thing to me is that the sleeves are pretty much sized okay; they’re a bit long but I’m short so I’ll put the blame for that one on me. So it’s just the body that’s you would have to size down…by an order of 5? Which also makes me think that this is not a pattern for anyone much smaller than me; I’ve got room to go down since I started at 12, but good luck if you start at a 4 or something. Anyway, I’m glad my review was useful for you!

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