A dream come true

One of my favorite writers is Gerald Durrell who was an amazing zoologist, founder of the word famous Jersey Zoo and he also had excellent humor. I read many of his books and I loved them all, so when I heard that a new TV-series is coming out in 2016 based on his books, I became very excited. Plus I also love historical movies and this series is kind of like those.
We watched both seasons (2016, 2017) with my husband and just loved it. I am usually skeptical to watch movies based on books that I read before and loved them because the movies are often disappointing but luckily not The Durrells. I loved every minute of the series!
And of course I fell in love with Mrs. Durrell’s clothes… I couldn’t help it. Does this happen to other sewists, too, that you see a dress on TV and you just have to make it? What I fell in love with this time were a pair of pants worn by Mrs. Durrell several times.
Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a picture of these particular pants but instead check out this article on her costumes throughout the series!

First I searched for a good pattern online but I couldn’t find one, so I went to my local fabric shop and came home with the Burda style 6573 pattern and made these pants for myself:

Although I had problems with the pattern, I was so determined to make the pants that after some alteration I was finally able to finish my dream pants. From dreaming of it and actually wearing them, it took about eight months but I am so happy when I am wearing these pants that all efforts and waiting and planning was worth it! I just love these pants.
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12 thoughts on “A dream come true

  1. Beautiful pants! I’m a huge fan of the Durrells series too 🙂 You might also like to investigate Decades of Style empire waist pants – very ’40’s. These pants are Lisa Comfort’s most favourite pants pattern ever (Sew Over It owner/designer). I thought they would suit you and you might like them too 🙂 https://www.decadesofstyle.com/products/4004-1940s-empire-waist-trousers I’m not promoting these for any reason by the way other than I thought you might like them – I don’t have any association to Decades of Style other being a keen customer of theirs 🙂

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    • Hey Kathleen, thank you and great tip on the Lisa Comfort’s pattern, it looks really interesting! I might give it a try, I just need to get through all the Christmas sewing first… 😀


  2. Yay, I just bought this exact pattern. I have not seen the Durrells but I love the Sailor pants look and this was the closest I could find in current patterns. These are ace. Well done you. I was intending to make these myself for this challenge but the month is half through and so far my fabric is still uncut. Never mind maybe I will manage an amnesty another month. Really good to see someone make this up though. Can I ask what problems you had please since I am going to make these and also the other view of them. Already bought my fabrics for both so it would be very helpful to know what was difficult etc. I did check out your blog but could not find any info on your problems.

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    • Hello! Thank you! I hope you get to make yours soon because they are very comfy!
      The problem was size: my waist size was 36, hip size 38 and I decided to cut size 38 because you know, you can always make your pants smaller if necessary but not bigger. And they were huge! I almost cried and wanted to give up because they looked aweful at first! But then I pulled myself together and turned the pants inside out and pinned it on the side seams and the inner thights, too. I had to adjust a lot.
      The pattern also not included any directions on how to actually assamble the waist, but after a while I was able to figure that out.
      And as far as I can remember the pattern does not include pockets and I had to add them, again, without any help on the pattern. If this would’ve been the first pattern I see and try in my life, I would have faild putting it all together but since I have a (very) little experience, it was okey. But just could’ve been easier I think. But as I wrote in the post, I love them and I am very happy that I tried harder and finished this project!
      I would love to know how yours eventually turns out, so please, don’t forget to send me a picture! 😉


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