The cover-up that got me through a warm interlude

When I saw the theme for the month, I was pretty excited because I was just about to start on a new bathing suit cover-up that I had been putting off after a failed experiment with it earlier that year. I live in North America – specifically New England. I had been getting used to being outside on 12 degree (F) days. The reason this cover up got bumped up in my rotation is because for 5 days in blustery January, I was going to be down in the Bahamas with some friends for a mini-vacation.

There is more detail on the making of this dress on my own blog. The only thing interesting is that I was able to figure out how to use elastic thread in the bobbin to shirr the fabric for the top.


The technique was easier than I thought, even if I had to change the tension on my machine. What gave me trouble was adjusting the sizing, which lead to the waist being too bulgy. I was able to remedy this somewhat by installing a casing and an elastic inside the waist.

The cover up isn’t perfect, and I’m not sure I adjusted the pattern to my size correctly, but it works as an informal garment. I’m back up north with the cold and the snow, but I know this will be waiting for me when the seasons change a few more times.