Indie Pattern Month 2015 template post

Keen to enter one of the Indie Pattern Month sewing contests, but not sure what to include in your blog post? Here’s some tips to help you in your writing.

First, before publishing your post, make sure you’ve done the following:

  • Uploaded a feature image (tutorial on how to do this here)
  • Linked in at least three images using URLs (here’s a tutorial on how to do this)
  • Selected the right categories for your post – ‘Indie Pattern Month 2015’ should be selected for any Indie Pattern Month posts, and if your post is for a contest, make sure you also select the category for that contest (e.g. ‘Dresses (June 1st-7th) 2015’)
  • Add a title to your post

And here’s a guide for what you might want to include in your post:

The  Details:

  • Indie Pattern(s) used: [Brand/number/name. Optional: you might like to also include a description and sizing information, link to pattern page, size that you cut]
  • Fabric & Notions: [Describe your fabric and notions used]
  • Did you make any pattern alterations or design changes? [Note any changes you made to the pattern/design. Any that you would make next time?]

[You can write the rest of your post here…please write at least 3 paragraphs]

[To help you give us enough information consider including some of the following:

What do you think of your finished garment? Do you like it? Not sure? How are you gonna style it? Tell us – we’re here to lurk your homemade closet! 😉

Will you make it again? Did you include any fun/interesting/new-to-you details? E.g. did you use a pretty lace or bias to do a hem? Use French seams? Have a novelty print as your pocket lining? Show us – we want to see! These sorts of details are what makes sewing so much fun – the inclusion of things we can’t get in RTW, that make garments truly ‘you’.

How did you find the pattern? Was it good? Was it difficult? What were the instructions like? Would you recommend it?]

[Do include a link to your blog – that way, if we want to know more about your creation, or see what else you’ve been doing, we can go on over there. But at the same time, please make sure you include a decent number of details on your Monthly Stitch blog.]

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