New to Me: Named Esme Cardigan

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When I first discovered Named patterns it was love at first sight. I love all their designs and they seem to design things that I know will suit my tall, relatively straight up and down frame. I also have a great desire to be comfortable above all else; basically my dream is to be wearing pyjamas during the day (confession: I am wearing pyjamas as I type this.)

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I bought a couple of Named patterns earlier this year from Sew Indie NZ (thanks Kat!) and hadn’t had a chance to make either of them, so here’s my New to Me entry, the Named Esme Cardigan. Described as a “Straight-cut, oversized and loose-fitting cardigan” I think it also has a slightly kimono-esque vibe about it which I really dig.

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I made this pattern up with a black and primary checked wool I bought from a local op shop for about $4 if memory serves. I’m not gonna lie, this fabric was ass to sew with as it has a super open weave, moves and stretches a lot, and thread disappears into it so unpicking is the worst.

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The only notions I used was some black thread already in my possession and interfacing, also already on hand. I decided not to include buttons as I won’t use them for practical reasons and I felt the check was already creating enough interest.

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Given the oversized nature of the design, and the recommendation that if you were using a fabric with a fair degree of ease to go down a size, I chose to sew the 40-42. This was a good call. And I will be interested to see how the sizing works when I make my next Named pattern, the Alpi Chinos.

For a new pattern there were a number of positive attributes that deserve comment:

  • Gorgeous packaging and layout – simple, clean and elegant
  • Relatively clear and user-friendly instructions
  • Option of paper or PDF pattern – I went with paper

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Some other things to mention are:

  • When you purchase the paper pattern rather than the PDF you don’t get seam allowances included, and the pattern pieces are all overlaid so you need to trace and cut them.
  • The instructions and pictures that related to them were sometimes on different pages, so some careful reading needed to take place

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This pattern was relatively easy to make, most aspects that took time were a result of my fabric choice rather than the pattern. I will say, however, that the instructions for adding the in seam pocket were so over complicated that I ended up misreading them, sewing the pocket in wrong side out, surgically removing and doing it the way I know best: attach the pocket pieces to the garment and then sew the garment and pocket together in one continuous seam. When I first make a garment, or a recipe I usually follow the instructions once before making my own changes. This time I was right to go with my gut. Much, much easier and I can’t see any reason for doing it the other, more complicated way.

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I worked hard on my pattern matching, which was made very difficult by the fabric and I have to say I’m pretty damn proud of the result. I am now planning a second version in grey marl sweatshirting with a navy button stand and pockets. Secret dressing gown anyone?

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Thanks for hosting IPM16 – first time caller, long time listener.

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  4. This cardigan looks great, love the styling with the dress! I have almost finished making my esme and so glad to see you also had problems with the pocket instructions. I also came to the conclusion it would be easier to sew the pocket pieces to the airport pieces first. I’m now trying to attach the button placket to the front and suggested method seems complicated. Did you follow the suggested method there?

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