Indie Pattern Month 2016


Below you will find links to all the posts regarding Indie Pattern Month 2016, an easy way for you to keep up (or catch up) with what is happening.

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Have a read of these posts to find out all about Indie Pattern Month and the sewing contests that are happening as part of it:

We’ll update this page as we get closer to June – keep an eye out for new links and all the details in one easy place 🙂

Current Pattern Bundle

The bundle sales are now finished – thank you to everyone who purchased ❤

Learn how the bundle sales ran here.

See what was in the bundles here:

TMS Indie Pattern Designer List

Contest Timeframes

  • Week one: New to Me – June 1st (00:00 UTC) until June 7th (24:00 UTC)
  • Week two: One Pattern, Two Ways – June 8th (00:00 UTC) until June 14th (24:00 UTC)
  • Week three: Hack It! – June 15th (00:00 UTC) until June 21st (24:00 UTC)
  • Week four: RTW Copycat – June 22nd (00:00 UTC) until June 30th (24:00 UTC)

UTC Time

The competition deadlines run on UTC time – you can check the current UTC time here or click on the image below to use an interactive graphic to check our local time.

The Contests

1-7 June: New to Me

8-14 June: One Pattern, Two Ways

15-21 June: Hack It!

22-30 June: RTW Copycat – TMS Contributors Only

13-19 July: Bonus Bundle Sale Contest

2016 Sponsors

The Monthly Stitch says thank you to all our fabulous sponsors who have contributed to IPM2016.

Check them out:


And a big thank you to our bonus sponsors offering extra prizes just for you! 🙂 :


Past Indie Pattern Months

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